Women in the Cities is an inspired photo series based on Robert Longo's Men in the Cities charcoal and graphite illustrations, created between 1977 and 1983. Longo's work evoked a caricature of the young urban professional. Sharply dressed and thrashing in contortion, his subjects portrayed a metaphorical juxtaposition of order and chaos. 

"Described as a sort of death dance of the modern man, his series was an early attempt in merging sculpture, drawing, photography, and film." 

Evi's Women in the Cities series is a contemporary homage to the namesake and artistic vision of Longo's work, and boundless plight of the modern woman. Combining high-speed sync photography with a touch of model acrobatics, she freezes time, capturing her subjects in motion as they evoke the infinite possibilities of a split second. 


Robert Longo - Men in the Cities